Kansas City - Five Star Crush is bringing rock sounds and dance flourish to an unsuspecting scene; pushing pop ahead, schooled in the classics. The lads’ inspiring, unabashed music is captured on their debut EP, Sleepless Nights. Between “the joy of just letting go” (Silver-Yellow Girl) and Collaborate’s dark moves, emotions run wide but never escape the beat or the attitude.


“It’s nice to see bands break the boundaries of what is new and hot and come off with a refreshing new sound that is still mass appeal. Five Star Crush has what it takes.”
-Lazlo – A.P.D./Afternoons, 96.5 FM The Buzz

“So far everyone who has seen Five Star Crush has been completely blown away. In a smaller city that can sometimes seem over-saturated with similar sounding bands Five Star Crush stands out as proof that some people still play music because they love it, and that love comes through in the songs.”
-Julie, Pipeline Productions

“This Kansas City band released a new EP called Sleepless Nights and it’s nothing short of amazing…well worth the 5 bucks… Their lyrics and guitar riffs keep the crowd wanting more… Five Star Crush, good music and a good attitude and we really dig their indy rock sound (think Strokes only better singing and music).”
-The Dead End Newsletter

“Five Star Crush offers catchy melodies, with occasional synths that add flavor in all the right places. Vocals not unlike Robert Smith of The Cure; musically reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The Killers, and The Bravery.”
-Indie Productions

“Five Star Crush’s EP, Sleepless Nights, is strategic fodder for up and coming indie bands – and just about as perfect as you can hear. The four-song collection is just this side of U2 influence to call their sound their own, but close enough to draw enthusiastic comparisons as influencers rather than emulators. It’s all here – superb production, mastering, performance, and writing.”