Thank You

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported us at our shows last week.  You cleared us out of our merch including the first run of our new EP, Sleepless Nights.  Luckily, we received the second printing of the cd’s yesterday so we’re set for our upcoming shows (To those of you who are waiting on T’s, they are on back order and we should have them in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for being patient.)

We can’t express enough how much your support means to us.  We worked really hard to get our EP ready in time for last week and you guys more than made it worth it for us.

Hope to see you all again soon at future shows!


Sleepless Nights EP

Bloodshot Is The Color = Sleepless Nights

Hey guys, just want to let you know that we are going into the studio to lay down a 4 track EP this weekend at Westend Studios. The EP will be titled Sleepless Nights.  Following the recording we have several shows scheduled where the EP will be available for purchase. So check out our calendar & hope to see ya on the dance floor soon.


Show Tomorrow, Website Updates

# 1 – We are playing tomorrow night at the Hurricane in KC (Westport).  I don’t have details right now, but standard practice says that music will start around 9:30 pm and the show will cost about $ 5.  Check back here for details tomorrow, but that is enough for you to call your friends and come down to rock with us.

# 2 – I’ve updated the website with better links, images (check the partial bio), and a massaged photo up top.  Hope you dig.  More photos & other stuff is coming soon – we just keep taking steps.  Thanks for hanging on – we will return the favor tomorrow night!

Real Update

With the site looking 90% finished and some info starting to appear, here’s a rough estimate of where the Farewell is from one of the New Guys.

We’ve been practicing up for St. Patrick’s Day and Emporia shows with a set that is likely to include old and new songs: Ghosts, Kalispell, Six Car, Strange, Collaborate, and I Got You (Eric’s Pants).  More are in the works.  You can hear/download three songs on our MySpace.

The site is pretty powerful with commenting and categories, so check it out and make the most of it.

You Should Know Before You See The Farewell; that my keyboard is entirely awesome.  And by “awesome” I mean “borrowed from a friend, who got it in Jr. high to practice choir parts on, until I find a synth I want to buy.”  So don’t lose your mind.  -h