We played at Josie’s in Emporia, KS last night.  Highlights:

– Last night Joel = Venom.

– Matt had a bug bite in his shirt.

– Crazy Intrepid drivers on I-35.

– Eric the Boy Scout saved me Re; patch cable.


– Rocked by Gil and The Rewinds.  Catch them tomorrow (Sunday 16th) night in KC at the Hurricane.

– Josie’s floor on the verge of collapse (un-aided by Birthday guys).

– Decided I could deal with driving a nice big truck (Joe’s – thanks!) on the way home.

We are working on lots of new shows, SEE YOU –

April Fools’ Hurricane

We slayed the Hurricane in KC last night.  Dragon parts everywhere.  Among them:

– I used a new keyboard, acquired only yesterday morning (thanks, Jeremiah).

– We were down the street at Starbucks worrying that nobody was at the show, but by the time we fired things up the place was rocking (thanks, you).

– Joel = biggest rock star ever (we’ll let him explain why).

– Danny’s bass made the entire building shake (I kid you not).

– Band already knows what to do with my drink tickets!

– New, extended “Collaborate” = more badonkadonk shaking.

– Lost an extra hour’s sleep.

– Photos, and new photos, soon (and on myspace).



Wichita Last Night

We played our first show as the new lineup (Joel, Matt, Danny, Eric, Howie) last night at Barleycorn’s in Wichita KS.  Photos should be up soon.  It was rocking;

– Learned Matt loves to drive.

– Fit everything & everybody (7) into the RV/trailer.

– Packed my clothes, etc., into soft-side guitar bag.

– Caught Vehicles’ second set of atmospheric rock with UJ on Rhodes.

– DIDN’T listen to a song from the cool top row of the bleachers!  Forgot!

– Slayed all in attendance with a (7)-song set: Kalispell, Strange, Ghosts, Six Car, Butterfly, Collaborate, Eric’s Pants (I Got You).

– Clapped my hands, said “yeah.”

– Surveyed a Supercenter at 3 a.m. with Matt.

– 3:30 a.m. shower with awesome shower head!

– Found Starbucks around the corner from hotel.

– We are pro at moving gear around, in, and out.

– Returned to KC victorious.  Hurricane in two weeks – check SHOWS PAGE!