Bigger Sounds from Fewer Folks

2.Dispassionate One
4.Just Around The Corner
5.Mightier Than The Sword
6.Long Train Runnin’
7.Cloud 9
–tracks 8 & 9: mp3-only bonus tracks–
8.Nebula (Hard Vacuum Mix)
9. Dispassionate One (Conga Mix)

“Bigger Sounds…” was made in howie’s college dorm room in the spring of 2001. The band had only begun writing and playing original material a few months earlier, but there was already a feeling that a record would be good to put out for people. 150 copies of the master were burned onto CD-Rs, packaged with home-printed labels (thanks Allen Gilbert) and sold in about 8 weeks. The album captures the earliest aural picture of howie&scott – entirely acoustic, ranging from a bit folky to a bit progressive, elements of earth and space united in a different way of rocking.

-h, 2011