Near and Far

5.You Have The Go-Ahead
7.The Broken Anger
8.Place Where Something Fell
9.Outside The Crater
10.You Already Know The Answer and I’m Not Joking
11.I’m So In Love (And Never Thought That It Would Be You)
13.Under My Protection

8 months might not seem like a long turnaround between records, but h&s were in Columbus NE for four days recording with Fred Ritter over New Years’ 2001-02, less than a year after beginning to write music and releasing “Bigger Sounds From Fewer Folks.” The songs written immediately after the first record and over the summer were generally passed over in favor of newer material and a fuller sound. “near and far” outpaces the pleasant meanderings of the band’s previous effort with a confident stride and a broader palette of sound, including more voices and drums, hints of pop-style verse/chorus/verse songs, a sprinkle of strange effects, and an Armstrong-esque jazz scat. This music is not for the faint of heart, mind, soul, or sound.