Blades of Vengeance

Arturo Got The Shaft

Side A – Numbers Stations
1.Pants and Backpacks
2.Still a Princess
3.Only Way She Knows
4.Statement of Purpose
5.Thunderheads and Regrets
6.Geek Reggae Beat
7.Take Me Away
8.Why Don’t You
9.Dude, Did We Go To Canada?
10.Like A Dreamer
11.Hey, Gordon Shumway


Side B – a light burning [live 12.OCT.02]
17.astroblue friends
19.broken anger
20.wouldyoulookatthat in love
—bonus tracks—
24.answer [live 18.OCT.02]
25.yes song [h. live 26.OCT.02]
26.long train [h. live 26.OCT.02]
27.S.O.S. [h. live 26.OCT.02]

“Blades…” is a double-live release between Arturo Got The Shaft (Side 1 – Numbers Stations) and howie&scott (Side 2 – a light burning [live 12.OCT.02] ). The two bands teamed up for a massive tour through Nebraska and Kansas in October 2002, known as the (r)ocktober tour. The shows were taped, and the result exclusively released online as an album in mp3-format. The Shaft’s tunes were pulled from many different shows, while the h&s side contains a full set from October 12th at the 13th Street Coffeehouse in Omaha. Side 2.1 includes 4 tunes from other shows too good to leave off the album, including new howie&scott songs “Yes Song” and “S.O.S.”