Agnello Factor Series Momentary Expressor

IMG_0715The Agnello Factor Series Momentary Expressor is an expression pedal designed to work with Eventide TimeFactor, PitchFactor, ModFactor, and Space.

It features two independent momentary expression depth settings (0-100 on your Factor series pedal), plus a “Ramp” control to set how long it takes your Factor to reach the expression level, ranging from instantaneous to three seconds or so at full ramp and expression settings.


1 – Expression depth 1 (left footswitch)

2 – Expression depth 2 (right footswitch)

R – Ramp time

The “A” stamp is a tribute to Eventide’s iconic harmonizers and their seven-segment displays, and the pedal is named after Eventide’s original engineer.

Standard wah-style expression pedals are fun to use with the Factor series and are widely available, so the Agnello offers something different; access to predictable, consistent expression depths and rates of change.  With a wah-style expression pedal it would be hard to hit the halfway point of the sweep in exactly four beats in the middle of a song, but it’s a snap with the Agnello.

To calibrate your Agnello:

  1. Turn all controls fully clockwise (as seen in the photo above)
  2. Connect the Agnello to the Factor series pedal expression input with a standard 1/4″ mono cable
  3. Power on the Factor series pedal
  4. Press one of the expression switches; the Factor series display should show a change in expression level
  5. You can now adjust the Agnello’s controls

Once calibrated correctly the Agnello will remain properly calibrated as the Factor series pedal is powered off and on.  If the Agnello is disconnected and reconnected, it will need to be re-calibrated using the process above.

I recommend disconnecting the Agnello when using patches that don’t have expression saved.