1.Wait, You’re Where…?!
2.Major & Minor.
3.Yes Song
4.Thanks For Visiting Me On The Radio
5.The Bridge (a cosmic consequence)
6.Things We Know Now
7.Midnights and Tape Delays
8.What Sounds Are Real
9.Blues or Astroblue?
10.After the Countdown

1.I Would
3.E. Morning (ressurection)
4.Tired Chords
6.Stop Walking
7.E. Afternoon (will)
8.New Title (berlin)
9.Choose To
10.Easter III

After a flurry of early recorded material, howie&scott spent nearly two years (April 02 – January 04) bringing forth a new project. “signs.comets” includes two albums. “Comets” is the follow-up to “near and far,” and introduces a fuller sound and continues the band’s trend towards both memorable lyrical/musical phrases, and adventures into uncharted territories of songwriting. h&s’s fourth effort, “Signs,” becomes stark, with more than a little desperation reaching out through the songs. Notes and words are stripped of all things extraneous, and seem to exist simply in themselves.

It could be said that “Comets” is the record h&s always implicitly promised their friends, their fans, and themselves. Having fulfilled that purpose, “Signs” stretches beyond, and finds… well, maybe each of us will decide what “Signs” is pointing to.