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Mr. Furious Audio is Howie in his garage with a soldering iron and some dangerous ideas. (more…)

DIY: Boss DS-1 Distortion Jack-of-All Mods

These DS-1 mods are designed to turn a widely available, affordable, and reliable pedal that sounds bad in most contexts* into a jack-of-all-trades box of dirty boost, drive, and all-out distortion.  With as few as four or five component changes you can turn a $20 pedal into useful dirt that can flatter any guitar and amp combination.

* “Icepick” being the most common descriptor

(Retired) Falcon Heavy Drive Prototype

FalconHeavyProtoOne Falcon Heavy Drive prototype was built and gigged before the first run of Falcons. It had three JFET stages (the third was only available on channel two) and some different mid notch and clipping options.

A bass-specific version was breadboarded but ultimately folded into the main Falcon Heavy design.