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Mr. Furious Audio is Howie in his garage with a soldering iron and some dangerous ideas. (more…)

Kingman Anti-Drive (updated!)

Kingman v2

The Kingman Anti-Drive is a volume cut and variable high-pass filter pedal based on the Kinman treble bleed circuit. It is designed to be placed before an overdrive / distortion / fuzz pedal or a buffer + dirty amp to give you a cleaner, less saturated, or “starved” sound with a customizable frequency response. (more…)

5KR (Five-Knob Rangemaster) Boost

The 5KR (Five-Knob Rangemaster) is a single-transistor germanium boost that goes from full-range sparkly volume lift to nasty, cutting, higher-gain-than-vintage treble boost and every shade in between, with outstanding volume knob cleanup.


Daylight Express Deluxe 1776 Effects ‘Plex Dual Delay

Using two 1776 Effects Multiplex Jr. PCBs as a base, the Daylight Express delay was a two-unit experiment in delay line and modulation routing. The ideas are applicable to any type of delay implementation – analog, digital, PT2399 – and I hope to figure out a way to share these sounds with more people without having to build the units myself.

The Mr. Furious Audio Interpretation of the Casper Electronics DS-1 Gate/Feedback/Oscillation Mod

The Casper Electronics DS-1 gate / feedback / oscillation mod – you can read about it via the Wayback Machine here – is my favorite weirdo / circuit-bent DS-1 mod. I have two units equipped with this mod, love them both, and have used them in many songs like “Direct Message” and “Excitation Current.” (These are both synth songs but it’s awesome on guitar, obviously, too!)

I recommend you mod the tone stack, at least, in addition to this mod. No sense in making awesome gated feedback/oscillation tones, then scooping out allllllll of the mids with the stock tone stack!


A fOXX Tone Machine with several unique tricks up its sleeve, the FNTSTC pretty much rips.

In the course of a gear trade I offered a friend his choice of several circuits to develop into a Mr. Furious Audio pedal. He picked the fOXX, and I couldn’t be happier that he did; this is a great pedal with several interesting design elements. It can purr, it can tear your face off, and it has near-infinite sustain even at low levels.

Beyond the standard fuzz, tone, and volume controls the FNTSTC has:


Wheeler Leveling Amplifier

Born of a need to control the attack of a bass guitar while recording, the Wheeler Leveling Amplifier is loosely based on an old AM radio automatic volume control.

Harold Alden Wheeler invented the automatic volume control circuit in 1925 to balance listening levels among radio stations of varying signal strengths. What’s nice about this type of circuit is that it doesn’t change the shape of the signal peaks (in contrast with a limiter); it just changes the wave amplitude, cycle-by-cycle, delivering a result that’s solid and consistent like a heavily compressed signal but with a timbre that’s true to the input.

A version 2 of this pedal is in the works. In the meantime, putting my Falcon Heavy drive/preamp in front of it accomplishes 90% of what a version 2 design would do, so I’ve just been doing that.


Mohs Fuzz

A radically transformed silicon Fuzz Face, the Mohs Fuzz offers a wide range of full fuzz sounds from vintage-flavored to total transistor annihilation.

Named for Friedrich and his scale of mineral hardness, the Mohs features a “Hardness” control for adjusting the character of the fuzz, a footswitched “Rhythm” channel (like rolling back your instrument’s volume), and “Quartz” (Fuzz Face-y/vintage) and “Diamond” (planet-destroying/modern) modes.

The Mohs Fuzz works equally well on guitar and bass instruments.


Falcon Heavy Drive

The Falcon Heavy Drive is a two-channel boost and overdrive built around the sound of one individually biased-JFET slamming into another.  Sonically it covers territory from preamp-style subtle coloration to hard-clipped meltdown scuzzy drive.  High input impedance and low output impedance preserve signal level and treble response, making it a great first or last pedal in a signal chain.

It features two additional clipping options beyond the JFETs, a low shelf tone control to tighten bass frequencies (useful paired with compressed/dirty amps), a mid notch filter assignable to any combination of the two channels, and a touch of volume boost on channel two.

The Falcon Heavy Drive is designed to work equally well on guitar and bass.


Agnello Factor Series Momentary Expressor

IMG_0715The Agnello Factor Series Momentary Expressor is an expression pedal designed to work with Eventide TimeFactor, PitchFactor, ModFactor, and Space.

It features two independent momentary expression depth settings (0-100 on your Factor series pedal), plus a “Ramp” control to set how long it takes your Factor to reach the expression level, ranging from instantaneous to three seconds or so at full ramp and expression settings. (more…)

Giambattista Tremolo


Based on the Jordan Vico Vibe, with added JFET boost, fast/slow rate range toggle, and external Bias (Pulse Width) control – coming soon!

Video below the jump.

(Pic is a mock-up; the first Giambattista is built into a special, one-off custom painted enclosure [art by Seth M Jones] which you’ll see in the video.  Future Giambattistas will come in the standard polished and stamped enclosure with mustard yellow knobs.  Knobs/toggled/LED will be laid out in a 3×2 grid at the top of the pedal, jacks will be top-mounted)