Mars Lights Replay Show Review at I <3 Local Music

Big thanks to Fally at I Heart Local Music for rocking out and taking some video and photos last Friday night at the Replay in Lawrence. Photos and review at the post, but here’s the video of “Stars Above,” a new jam.

Sound guy politely suggested our amps were too loud, so blame us for the buried vocals. Drew loved that, and will probably be louder next time because of it, so that’s one reason we love him.

Side 3 lyrics


Seems you want it back
You want it all
Thoughtless rapture
I can’t stand it

Simple and certain
Yes, love, I’m on the run

Stopstopstopstopstop saying that
Stopstopstopstopstop saying what you don’t mean

Tempted and righteous
Chemical, religious
We’re still fighting to
Wake up and start again


When love breathes down your neck,
I can feel it



Now we see the air we breathe
Where’s that spirit?
I don’t want to wash away
Kicking against the undertow
Straight out of our bottles
Out of our TVs, out of our paychecks, out of our skulls

I don’t want to wash away
Big trouble, big big trouble
How deep does this one go?
Punk science stops here
I don’t want to wash away

In the underwater, next to L.A.
Down on the corner where the stars rise in concrete
Now we see the air we breathe
Where’s that spirit?
Out of our bottles

Wash away

Ruff Stuff

I could stand your dark
It was like a tide, like a dull razor blade
Walk it back, no, swallow the type
I could stand your dark

Show me your tuffest

It’s a bomb, you’re a test
They’re unbeaten coming in
In the night, all dressed in flame
Through the windows, hear them sing
Shadows sing! Shadows, sing!

See how they love it

Show me your ruff stuff

Fake Chest

Pink jacket got a nice neck handkerchief
Tied around her voice
Rock steady, she rock so certainly
Like hard cash
Stay pretty, stay a nice size four, stay at home
Until she’s old enough
Have it all, do what you feel, whatever you want
Just don’t upset the boys
Don’t run away, don’t want to change, don’t ever give them anything
Except what it takes to hurt them where it hurts the most

Hurt them where they hurt the most
Don’t fade
Kill them where they die the worst

Don’t ever give them anything except what it takes to hurt

Don’t fade