Side 2 lyrics


I’m the god of everything
Except for what is happening
Brain waves believe it
Nowhere; see it
I’m evolutionary
Developed autonomy
Brazen in dreams
Frozen, it seems
I discovered a theory
Equates to totality
Probability, not happy ’til it’s wasted

Blot out the sky,
Rub out space-time,
By closing my eyes
Beneath my eyelids,
I’ll make it darker than it’s ever been

Behold the sirens
Here comes the silence

I watch the sun rise for the first time
I watch the sun die,
I watch the sun rise!

Behold the sirens
Here comes the silence

All Tied Up

All tied up in a basket
With a stranger, on a doorstep
(“All eyes half-mast!”)
Your flag,
You better wear your flag in the right pocket
It’s like a big beat breaking,
Like a big beat break
Like a line you’re saving for a big beat break

You see the black left pocket,
See the orange right,
Like a siren, walking

It’s like a big beat breaking
Like a big beat break over a sign you’re waving
For a big beat break

You better wear your flag all tied up

Don’t Get Off The Floor

Her ice age could clear up
Hustle could tear up
Red, she’s subconsciously red

Get straight – Don’t get off the floor
Make weight – It’s not a question

San Andreas in minutes
Pressure is building
Red, she’s subconsciously red
Make a confession

Get straight – Don’t get off the floor

I’m taking the stage and kicking your brain in
I’m melting faces, killing the nothing
Making you pay, I’m kicking brains in
Fucking I’m killing your face, I’m bringing the pain

Red, she’s subconsciously red
I see red

Get straight – Don’t get off the floor

Cold Burn

Start it, cold
Your man is on the wire
Driving, the phone – heavy on your thigh
You got it, girl
Sanguine in the snow

Burn me with the silver and cold

Tires and chrome
Is that a .45?
Power and smoke
You dirtied rock & roll
Saw you; liked it

Take me to the water and gold

Burn. Me. With. The. Silver

You On “Side 2”

This is your chance to get on a Mars Lights track or two; come on over and do some shouting on a couple songs for “Side 2.”  Gang background vocal stuff, “Hey!” and “Get straight!” and that sort of thing, maybe 60 minutes of recording in KC MO, evening or weekend.  Contact us privately, or via comments here (your email is visible to us but is not published on the site) if you’re interested.

Side 1 lyrics

Straight Talking Straight Shots

Straight talking straight shots – there they go again!
Newsmen and talking heads – “Authenticity!”
See the war down to the wire, every time, if they can
There they go!

I want a touch…

There’s a pattern, lover; red guns emote
Small town distraction tactics
Don’t take your eye off –
There they go!

I want a touch…

Straight talk, straight, straight shots

Holy Blood

Chains – or guns
Caught – us once
She’s my blood – One’s enough, my love

Oh, can you hear it now?
Dancing and dynamite boys being boys
A real rumble in the underground

Beat – the fuzz
Safe –
For us
Soft, what light… ?

Oh, can you hear it now?
Lead us not into a riot

Can you hear it in the underground?

White Flight (So Pretty)

Ooo-oo – It’s a death trap, I would say
Sharp enough that there’s no pain

Ooo-oo – Disconnection’s frightening pace
The phone is silent, there’s no tone
Does it hurt to share the blame?
Drop the pretense, I might call

Grounded in real
Feel the seal between your eyes

Damn Hell Yes

Don’t need you the same, you ought to know
Blood will try to bury you
Don’t need you to stay
Drive – we got to run
She’s a moving shot on the road

Damn hell yes:
– We like that foreign oil and “God bless…”
– We’ll take our wives hot with star kids
– Laser bombs, hearts and minds
– Cheap hands and fine wine
– We want it now

I want you to wait, sight them down, and
Fire when you see them white
Watching the trace, and the phosphor lines
Back in the tank
Back on the chase

Damn hell yes we want it right now – Damn hell yes!

Break This Dollar (Second Blues)

Anodyne vision clouding the CapEx
You’ll never sell these silly situational accents
Break this dollar
Make it make sense

You got to get out…

Haven’t eaten anything
I want to know how far the rules can bend
It’s an expression of their buckets and bins
I want to know…

Break this dollar

You got to get out to get in
I’m busting out, break the skin
And split it!

Break this dollar


Nov/Dec 2007 – July 5, 2011. That’s almost four years spent bringing you the jams on Mars Lights’ “Side 1,” now posted for free download over to your left.

Here we come. Don’t lose it all at once. -h

Three songs

“Straight Shots (Drum Fills),” “Holy Blood,” and “White Flight (So Pretty)” are streaming over to your left.  The mixes are not quite finished…  -h


  • Practice (pissed Drew’s neighbor off, no cops) (yet)
  • Decided to handle our own vocals
  • Good beer. Often, curry too
  • Bought a lot of gear (amps & basses) (& effects)
  • Recorded 11 songs at home
  • Demo’d more
  • Intricacy of naming process rivaled that of European social democracies’ runoff voting (should post the list we went through to get here)
  • Almost four years sounds longer than it has felt
  • See you out there

General info 2007

Genre: Blues / Metal / Regional Mexican
Location SHAWNEE, Kansas, US
Last Login: 11/5/2008
Member Since 11/17/2007

Bio –

RELATIVELY STRAIGHTFORWARD: “Loud, fun but not funny, NON-INDIE band in KC area is full of dudes that can’t sing. Please visit and if interested, call (number) to see when/where it is that we practice. …. Please show up with some idea of what you’re doing with at least a couple of the songs, because pointless grabass is generally not encouraged during practice, and we aren’t going to ‘just like get high and hang out and like shoot the shit or something dude it’s all cool.’ We’ve got fucking child support to pay and our time is precious. …. Bonus points if singer is over 6 feet 7.5 inches in height, has access to an authentic viking helmet, and speaks fluent Italian. Double bonus points if you bring beer to practice. I like the pale, or just some High Life.”

SCARY: “1. It visits… 2. It likes the music… 3. It writes lyrics and sings a song… 4. It emails 5. It comes to our house to play with us… 6. Or else it gets the hose again.”

PARANOID: “Dissident rock band seeks vocalist to carry message of revolution and violence to desperate proles. Go to, email, and make sure you aren’t followed to practice. Bring duct tape, a passport, two weeks-worth of toilet paper, a large roll of aluminum foil, and $1000 in Mexican currency. Wear earmuffs or else they will hear your thoughts.”

DICKISH: “Be in our band….. Fuck you….. ”

SCHIZO: “Ghost penis!….”

Members – ..Howie:.. songs, riffs/chords.. ..Matt:.. attitude, rhythms.. ..Drew:.. noise, leads.. ..YOUR NAME HERE:.. Massive blues / gospel / classic metal voice. Any age, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, planet of origin in the Kansas City metro. Contact us for more info.

Influences – Black fucking Sabbath, the rotting corpse of John Bonham, Keith Richards’ bottle of Jack, Eddie Van Halen’s smoking habit, Arthur Bryant’s ribs, half-read Charles Bukowski novels, the Wu-Tang Manual, Alejandro Jodorowski, that asshole Lou Reed, The STOOGES, and tape hiss.