Side 1 lyrics

Straight Talking Straight Shots

Straight talking straight shots – there they go again!
Newsmen and talking heads – “Authenticity!”
See the war down to the wire, every time, if they can
There they go!

I want a touch…

There’s a pattern, lover; red guns emote
Small town distraction tactics
Don’t take your eye off –
There they go!

I want a touch…

Straight talk, straight, straight shots

Holy Blood

Chains – or guns
Caught – us once
She’s my blood – One’s enough, my love

Oh, can you hear it now?
Dancing and dynamite boys being boys
A real rumble in the underground

Beat – the fuzz
Safe –
For us
Soft, what light… ?

Oh, can you hear it now?
Lead us not into a riot

Can you hear it in the underground?

White Flight (So Pretty)

Ooo-oo – It’s a death trap, I would say
Sharp enough that there’s no pain

Ooo-oo – Disconnection’s frightening pace
The phone is silent, there’s no tone
Does it hurt to share the blame?
Drop the pretense, I might call

Grounded in real
Feel the seal between your eyes

Damn Hell Yes

Don’t need you the same, you ought to know
Blood will try to bury you
Don’t need you to stay
Drive – we got to run
She’s a moving shot on the road

Damn hell yes:
– We like that foreign oil and “God bless…”
– We’ll take our wives hot with star kids
– Laser bombs, hearts and minds
– Cheap hands and fine wine
– We want it now

I want you to wait, sight them down, and
Fire when you see them white
Watching the trace, and the phosphor lines
Back in the tank
Back on the chase

Damn hell yes we want it right now – Damn hell yes!

Break This Dollar (Second Blues)

Anodyne vision clouding the CapEx
You’ll never sell these silly situational accents
Break this dollar
Make it make sense

You got to get out…

Haven’t eaten anything
I want to know how far the rules can bend
It’s an expression of their buckets and bins
I want to know…

Break this dollar

You got to get out to get in
I’m busting out, break the skin
And split it!

Break this dollar

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