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Lyrics & credits (pdf)

  1. Storm and Stake
  2. Easy Kill
  3. Iron Horse
  4. August Wind
  5. Into the Fire
  6. Have We Forgot the Code of the West?
  7. A Cracked Piece of Sky
  8. It Was You, Kid
  9. A Come-On
  10. goddamn
  11. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine
  12. Johnny Got His Gun
  13. Set You Ablaze
  14. Harvest Moon
  15. Ballad of the Ends of Our Ropes
  16. Pushing Over the Continental Divide

Songs, guitars, vocals – Howie Howard and Cory Kibler
Vocals – Doug Dodson, Mary Howard, Cari Ann Kreienhop, Brendan Scott, Tara Varney
Flute – Tim Gillespie
Bass, drums, synth, organ – Howie Howard
Cover photoKevin Walsh, under this CC license
Casting – Jill Gillespie

“Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” is not licensed under the Creative Commons license that covers the other parts of this album.

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