Tape / echoes

Tape / echoes is howie howard’s one-man band plus a rotating cast of collaborators / co-conspirators. A study and practice in the possibilities of three minutes, a melody, and a guitar. Current thizzle-down headquarters in Raytown (KC), Missouri, ex-Minneapolis, MN, nee-Crete, NE.

Formerly just “echoes.”

Tape / echoes is:

c. howie howard


Cory Alan Kibler, Scott Morris


Hillary Clinton, Andrea Conte, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

music, news, and blog are integrated with mr furious


I started making music in church and school choirs as a little kid, growing to include various concert bands, jazz, and African drumming, then moved on to rock… to howie&scott

On Thanksgiving weekend 2002 I wrote a song called “God Bless The Strokes.” It was very different from the songs I had written up until then. I wanted a new thing to explore, less associated with my personal experience and thoughts, and more able to try on different voices like changing clothes.

I wrote some punk rock songs that were the original point of departure, the nickel EP. There is a follow-up, Be A Ska Rat. Acoustic solo versions of songs, covers, and new stuff is called Tonight the Lone Wolf Rides… Alone. There is much more to come…

This was called echoes until I found out about these Echoes, so now it’s “Tape echoes” or maybe just “Tape.”

I also played in Shacker 01-04 in Nebraska, and now with Five Star Crush in Kansas City 2006->.

see you

MFR015 – Tonight the Lone Wolf Rides… Alone
MFR013 – Be A Ska Rat
MFR002 – nickel
MFR009 – Nebraska Verses
MFR008 – Furious Instance

Cory Kibler

ex-Church Directory Photo starring: Benjamin Axeface, nee-Beach-Puppy

Guitarist and songwriter Cory Kibler and friends (including James (bass), and Annie (cello), and howie (studio) make folky music.

DON’T: Ask if he’s going to add a drummer to round out the sound; Talk about bands that are hard to get back into; Inform him of hot spots in the live mix. KEY: No, ???, We can’t do anything about that!

MFR017 – We Have Uh-Oh
MFR005 – Creepy Eepy
MFR008 – Furious Instance

Sally Ride

“Long Live Sally Ride!” 1987-1991.

Charlie Bogaard, Hank Taylor, & company almost broke out of the Akron, OH scene in the early 90’s with their brand of angular, anthemic alt-rock. Recently uncovered by Mr. Furious archivists during an exploration of howie’s uncle’s attic, Don’t Let Them Take Us ALIVE! bootlegs Sally Ride’s in-studio sessions for Emerson Biggins in November of 1990 at WAKN, a bastion of local music during the heyday of college rock.

Later, howie and Cory took up the band’s mantle and released It’s A Trap. 2006-

MFR019 – It’s A Trap
MFR011 – Don’t Let Them Take Us ALIVE!
MFR008 – Furious Instance


Bike is Nate from southern California and various electronic devices, ninjas, and cobras. The name Bike comes from two competing loves: love for riding bikes around town, and love for sticking with one band name. How Is That Possible was born as a kind of therapy, an attempt at musical beauty as a counterweight to other situations, a hope created for listening.

MFR014 – A Wind I Can Lean Into
MFR010 – Stroke Me Gently, Lady Luck
MFR004 – How Is That Possible

Robot, Creep Closer!

R,CC! is a nasty, gnarly riff-rock band from raucous Lincoln, NE. The Best Band in the World, they rose from the ashes of the phoenix that which we call Shacker. The bassist, James Tucci, was punched so many times in the face, his mouth gave birth to a robot, and his human body died. We called that robot “Franz Clobberfist.” Even lamer than that is the one we call “Philip Punchboy” who used to be Cory Kibler. Cory turned into Philip for his 20th birthday. It was an Easter Basket gift. Philip and Franz decided to start the Ultimate Rock Band.

So they went on a post-apolyptic search for the most awesome other robots in the Galaxy. They found Kenneth Killclaus, Sadie Snapneck, and the j1717 Model. “Aren’t these names a little bit stupid and kind of silly?” No. They’re real names, and they accurately describe what kind of people they are. For example, Sadie Snapneck has a part-time job as a masseuse. The j1717 Model loves J’s and the number 17, and he is also a model. Kenneth Killclaus murdered Santa (just kidding, if you still believe in him). The music that they play is rowdy, ridiculous, loving, violent, passionate, serene, and most importantly, sexy.

MFR016 – Why Aren’t People’s Heads Exploding?


The Return,,

Derek Jennings is a musical man; reggae, rock, post-punk, an on. On a lark one Left Coast night, he dropped some solo tunes to tape. Matt Wisecarver’s Secret Fantasy, in all its cartoon cowboy-hat-ed glory, is the result. Other than his music, Derk is pretty much a mystery man – but what once you’ve heard the songs, what more could you ask?

MFR007 – Matt Wisecarver’s Secret Fantasy


Gestated in Crete, NE; now, slowly spreading throughout the universe. h&s began as a Dave Matthews cover duo, became folk-rockers, and grew in to southeast Nebraska’s self-proclaimed answer to indie rock cliche. Musicians first and foremost, howie (guitar/vocal/bass synth) and scott (drums/saxophone/vocal) work their way through rock compositions that betray the influence of jazz, orchestra, literature, and not taking the self too seriously. The album signs.comets stands as the band’s latest accomplishment. The duo also released new material on MFR’s XMAS compilation, and the live ’06 set Summer’s End.

MFR018 – Summer’s End
MFR009 – Nebraska Verses
MFR008 – Furious Instance
(2xCD) signs.comets
( b.sides
(CD) near and far
(CD) bigger sounds from fewer folk


Shacker started life as a lively 3-piece power-pop band. If only it had ended there for Cory Kibler, James Tucci, and Howie Howard. A couple years of shows ended with the recording of the band’s first CD, Pardon My Pretension… at home. New writing influences coupled with the drummer’s extended break in Ghana led to the addition of cellist Annie, and the powerless The Dimly Lit Room recording, mixing old and new tunes. A proper record, Knowing Her Best, Blackbeard Defends the Open Sea, brings the band’s promise home – indie rock mixed with a bit of folk, set to evocative, imaginative lyrical scenes.

MFR003 – The Dimly Lit Room
MFR001 – Knowing Her Best, Blackbeard Defends the Open Sea
MFR009 – Nebraska Verses
MFR225 (CD) – Pardon My Pretension, But Isn’t It Blackbeard’s Birthday?


Blowing up from the music education department of Doane College, Scott Morris and Allen “Gilby” Gilbert collaborate on an incredibly wide range of music, from the free jazz of their first MFR release, Points of Parallax, to punk rock (Gilby’s “Lunch By Yourself,” Furious Instance #1).

MFR006 – Points of Parallax

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