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Giving You Music.

Mr. Furious Records’ mission is to document a rock scene with seeds in Crete, Nebraska.

We are a netlabel, releasing our music freely with the generous partnership of The Internet Archive.

Diverse in sound, united in a DIY punk-rock aesthetic, we are committed to distributing our work freely, as widely as possible. Our releases are free downloads as VBR-mp3 files (compatible with iPod + iTunes, and almost universally playable by audio programs on all platforms).


mr (at) mrfuriousrecords.com

SUBMIT a question to Mr. Furious via email:
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Is MFR a record label?
Mr. Furious Records is a web-based community that releases and distributes music. It is not a brick-and-mortar sort of record label (but the name sounds good). The community aspect of MFR is important; our artists collaborate, share studio space, and stages – and mrfuriousrecords.com is a place where the results are brought together and published.

Who is “Mr. Furious”?
Mr. Furious isn’t one person. He’s sort of like a mascot, the unified voice of our community. Less angry than determined, driven, striving with every fiber of his being towards aesthetic beauty, relevance, and meaning. howie most often writes in his voice, but others do as well.

Why are there fifty different band names when Howie and Cory are in most of them?

-OR –

Why do the voices on a variety of albums sound alike?
Short answer, same voices. Longer answer, see this blog post.

What is the Furious Instance?
Furious Instance (::instants::) is a compilation of songs from a variety of MFR artists, and friends of MFR. It is “emerging,” meaning that new tracks are added from time to time. Most of the songs are like B-sides; non-album cuts (such as Beach-Puppy’s “Try Harder Or Not At All), live recordings, and samples of what our friends are doing (like Gilby or 12:00 Fence).

It seems that in addition to free downloads, there are old Mr. Furious CDs?
Before the creation of the website, Shacker and howie&scott released CDs, including Shacker’s first album (Pardon My Pretension, But Isn’t It Blackbeard’s Birthday?) and howie&scott’s signs.comets and near and far.