VENTURA | Sally Ride

Cory Kibler wrote the lyrics and melody to “Coast & Plains.”

Clyde DeWitt wrote “An Autumn Psalm,” a poem from which the lyrics to “Make Our Sound” were adapted.

Cory, Scott Morris, Katie Brauer, Drew Rudebusch, Kate Gutschenritter, Matt Pluff, Jessica Dolphin Pluff, Cari Ann Kreienhop, Jill Gillespie, and Tim Gillespie sang on “Car Chase,” “Make Our Sound,” and “E Harbor Blvd.”

Drew loaned a tremolo pedal for “Car Chase.”

Greg Joyce engineered and generally saved the day on some backing vocals.

Everything else by howie.

Written July 2005 – June 2008. Drums recorded summer 2012 on Gladstone Blvd KCMO, bass and acoustic guitar recorded fall 2012 – spring 2013 on Charlotte St KCMO, and vocals and lead guitars recorded fall 2013 – spring 2014 on Francis St KCK.

XMAS / Mr. Furious Records

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89- Hush Hush – Scott Morris, 2009
90- It’s a Christmas Thing – Cory Kibler, 2008
91- Snow is a Bear – howie&scott, 2007
92- Silent Night – echoes, 2006
93- What’s My Baby Want’n? – echoes, 2006
94- O Come Thou Dayspring – howie&scott, 2006
95- Jingle Bells – DJ Josh-O, 2006
96- How We Can Know – Cory Kibler, 2005*
97- Mary Be The One This Eve – echoes, 2005
98- At Its Rising – howie&scott, 2005
99- Merry Christmas – howie&scott, 2005

*In 2008 the version of “How We Can Know” from “The Silent Woods” replaced the original version on XMAS, and the entire track order was revised.