D-Rockets Released

Last night Mr. Furious Records released Matt Wisecarver’s Secret Fantasy EP from new artist D-Rockets. The EP is available now on the m u s i c page.

D-Rockets non-secret identity is Derek from The Return. The Return is a Ventura, CA indie/rock/ska/punk/reggae band that you will love; visit the mini-site for their new record Danger Danger Silent Stranger and STREAM THEIR WHOLE RECORD; then when you love it, you can order it for 8 bucks. $8!!!111. Build Me A Reason is also very fine.

Derek with The Return are coming to Nebraska next month: 9/16 in Omaha at the Sokol, 9/17 in Lincoln at Knickerbockers (yeah, but go anyway!), and 9/18 in Omaha at SHAG.

The Return is on Missing Words Records. And we couldn’t be happier that D-Rockets is on Mr. Furious Records (not to the exclusion of other Records!).