Happy Birthday, Mr. Furious; "Nebraska Verses" and Entire Catalog 001-008 Released

In recognition of our first birthday, Mr. Furious Records has some big news:

1) Our entire catalog (9 releases) is now available in high-quality mp3 format. This is possible through the good work of The Internet Archive (www.archive.org). Every MFR release has its own page at archive.org; these links are on the music page. Many netlabels make their home at Archive.org’s Netlabel section, including the Mr. Furious Records collection. The switch to mp3 format was required by the way Archive.org handles audio; .m4a remains the best lossy compression for quality/size ratio, but the compatibility issues are not justified by small gains in that area. MFR is now happy to be mp3.

2) Nebraska Verses is our newest release; a look at the story of our label from 2001-04, when the seeds for MFR were growing in southeastern Nebraska. Included are live tracks and studio odds’n’ends from howie&scott, Shacker, echoes, and our friends Blame The Game. Stories for each track are on a MFR [blog] post.

3) The website is slightly new, with smashing artwork, minor changes to the links, and sub-headlines for every news story back to before the site launch. A rad wimpy button now plays the latest Furious Instance; just click “|>” over to your left. MFR artists have also licensed their work under a Creative Commons “Share Music” agreement; details are available on the right side of this page.

4) On the advice of many of our new friends, Mr. Furious is on MySpace. Our profile was created and is maintained by Kris Westra; thanks, Kris!

5) MFR has two new releases lined up for October: Bike’s Stroke Me Gently, Lady Luck EP and Sally Ride’s long-awaited Don’t Let Them Take Us ALIVE. Stay tuned here and to FuriousMail for release announcements.