Sally Ride Listening Party / Release

This Saturday (Oct. 29) at 2 pm, Mr. Furious Records will host a listening party for Sally Ride’s long-awaited album Don’t Let Them Take Us ALIVE at the home of Cory Kibler. You are invited!

We will have fun listening to the record and enjoying each other’s company. Because Uncle Charlie and Hank have not played music in many years, there can be no CD release show, so the party will be a different (and probably better) way to celebrate this record (finally!). The details:

Sally Ride Listening Party
2:00 pm Saturday Oct. 29
Cory’s house – 25th & Garfield, Lincoln, Nebraska
if you need better directions or anything at all, email Cory- cory.kibler (at)
Hosted by MC Walter Mont Hawthorne and DJ Kerouac Alan Kibler

Yes, we know there is a football game, but it’s the best we can do. I don’t know if the game is on TV or just the radio, but we will certainly keep posted on it, OK? “You can have your cake and eat it too” with Mr. Furious.

The album will be released on the following day. Please download it and enjoy the sounds of “drums, guitar, bass, and vocals… sometimes backing vocals.”

Our friends 12:00 Fence have also completed a recording project (done at FuriousSound with howie). They are giving one track, “Consticulated Juncture,” to our ongoing Furious Instance comp. Four more tracks will appear for downloading Oct. 30 on the 12:00 Fence MySpace page. Support these rockers, in life and online!