"Don't Let Them Take Us ALIVE!" Released; New Furious Instance

Sally Ride’s album, the subject of rumor and speculation for several years, was officially released today by Mr. Furious Records. Don’t Let Them Take Us ALIVE, an album-length session recorded live at 90.5 WAKN college radio in Akron, OH, is available on the music page.

If old indie rockers weren’t scary enough at this point, a brand-new instance of the ongiong compilation Furious Instance is available as well; Crete, NE’s own 12:00 Fence is giving you “Consticulated Juncture” from their new effort, Nearly New. Four more tracks from Nearly New are availalbe on the 12:00 Fence MySpace page.

AND if you haven’t tried that shiny, big “Play” button over to your left, press it! It will play “Consticulated Juncture” for you, pure and simple, no weird pop-ups or plug-ins or other funky internet p-things. P-funk, it’s not, but p-leasurable it is!