Mr. Furious' XMAS Compilation Released

What is the holiday season, if not the particular time of year when people spend weeks trying not to stick forks in their own eyes because of the incessant sound of the same twenty Christmas “favorites” being played over and over?

With today’s release of Mr. Furious Records’ XMAS compilation, you can put down the silverware and listen to four original works of holiday music. From bright to blue, sweet to sad, Beach-Puppy, echoes, and howie&scott will lead you through the Christmas season in a fresh way. Fresh, like Doug E, you know! Get. Your. Download. On. at the XMAS post page.

XMAS marks the return of founding Furious band howie&scott, who contribute ScoMo’s composition/improvisation “At its Rising” and howie’s uber-poppy “Merry Christmas” to the effort. You can read all about the pieces on the MFR [blog] this week. has also been updated with the news. And if that weren’t enough, a preview of h&s’ track for next year, “O Come Thou Dayspring,” is playing via Furious Instance (over to your left – click the big, round PLAY! button!).

We’ll be back in January with echoes’ brand-new Be A Ska Rat, the launch of MR|signal (our new streaming radio broadcast transmission jukebox), and more music. Keep up with our greater-than-weekly MFR [blog] posts, too. Merry Christmas,

-Mr. Furious