Show Saturday!!!111

This Saturday night the Artists Formerly Known As Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound will take the stage in Lincoln, NE at Knickerbockers. The Artists recently discovered that another (not as good) band has prior claim to the name “Jesus Makes The Shotgun Sound” (which is a quote from a counselee in a standard grad-level psychology text… who knew?). OUR “JESUS…” WILL ANNOUNCE THEIR NEW BAND NAME AT THE SHOW ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!!111

TAFB (Totally Awesome Fun Band) & Artists Formerly Known As JMTSS
Saturday, 17 December
Knickerbocker’s (9th & “O”), Lincoln, Nebraska
*early show* ALL AGES: 6-9 pm, $5

That’s the plan. Rumors about the band’s new name have leaked from the talks, and reportedly include such words as: bear, fight, robot(s), riot, party, shotgun, and rampage. Note the prevalance of the letter “R”, the juxtaposition of “fun” and “violent” imagery, and the use of non-human but oft-anthropomorphized creatures (“bear,” “robot”).