"Be A Ska Rat" Released, New Furious Instance, MR|Signal

echoes’ long-awaited follow-up to the nickel EP, Be A Ska Rat has been released and is available on its post page. Go and download that sucker – it’s our snappiest release to date! And you can read a bit about it in the MFR [blog]!

We also have a new Instance courtesy of Sally Ride; from a rare live show, a special two-guitar two-voice cut of “Tweaky,” from Don’t Let Them Take Us ALIVE!. You can hear it right now, by clicking the big PLAY! button over to your left (triangle in a circle, yeah!)

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve launched MR|signal!!!111. MR|signal is a streaming audio player; launch it by clicking one of the links on the right side of the page. You’ll see a menu, iPod-style, through which you can stream our music by album, artist, or individual song – you can even set it to shuffle ALL the releases together! MR|signal is an awesome way to stream our music, so give it a shot – and if you have your own website, you can add a MR|signal-launch button using the code available at the bottom of the pop-up.

A word about MR|signal; its technological guts rely on two organizations beyond our MFR servers at spookymedia.com ; the audio servers at archive.org, and laszlo.com (which provides SoundBlox, the player itself). If either of these orgs are having trouble, it can slow down or stop MR|signal. Service has been consistent about 90% of the time through our testing phase, but if you have trouble, try back later! Also; we are working through a minor technical issue that is currently preventing Be A Ska Rat and Matt Wisecarver’s Secret Fantasy from appearing on MR|signal.

Other changes at mrfuriousrecords.com include moving our outside.influence link-feature to a page of its own, and adding the CDs page with instructions on how to receive copies of h&s’ signs.comets and near and far, and Shacker’s Pardon My Pretension, But Isn’t It Blackbeard’s Birthday? in the mail.

Thanks to all (Bear, Lara, Keith, Jay Q, and strangers!) who came to see Cory and howie at the Zoo Bar last week!