"A Wind I Can Lean Into," And Brand-New Website

Tonight we are thrilled to release Bike’s second full album with Mr. Furious Records, A Wind I Can Lean Into.  Nate is turbo-pumped about it, and you could be too; it is a fantastic work.  Download it directly below this post, or from its own album page.

With the breeze at our backs we’ve also launched a new website, completely re-designed from the bones up.  So take a look around.  Everything is here…  we’ve brought the [blog] onboard, archived everything and made it searchable, grown more responsive with souped-up commenting, and cleaned up the look.  Many thanks to the open-source community that created WordPress, which is the skeleton of our new site.

Some notes;

Comments may ask for your email, but I swear it is not being recorded anywhere I can find.  I’m looking for how to delete that field from the “comments” form entirely, but in the meantime please don’t be scared.

MR|signal continues to be a little iffy if you’re trying to hear a specific song… but if you launch it, click on “Tracks,” select “shuffle” and PLAY! you will get a nice mix of MFR music.  We are working on a total re-design of MR|signal too, but didn’t want that to delay Bike’s new album!

Extra-special thanks to Tim Gillespie for help with CSS, .php, and hunting down WordPress demons.  Tim is a fierce demon-hunter, though you’d never know to see him.

So please, enjoy A Wind I Can Lean Into, our expanding catalog of indie music, and the new site.  We’ll be back soon with Robot, Creep Closer!’s first EP, echoes’ Lone Wolf, and weekly [blog] posts.