Tonight the Lone Wolf Rides

Hello.  It’s been awhile!

We have released echoes’ Tonight the Lone Wolf Rides Alone, 10 solo acoustic tracks of howie’s covering his 2 EPs, new songs, and covers from the JV All*stars, Blacklight Sunshine (aka More Than Yesterday), Shacker, and the Foo Fighters (“A320” is limited to 50 copies because of licensing, so download yours asap!).

An out-take from the Lone Wolf sessions is new on Furious Instance; # 9 “Coast & Plains” from the upcoming Ventura album with Cory.  Also pick up # 8, which never made the front page – Cory telling a crazy story, accidentally caught on tape during the November 05 Benjamin Axeface sessions.

As if that weren’t enough…  we’ll be back in two weeks with the debut from Robot, Creep Closer!  And two weeks after that, the long-awaited Church Photo Directory Starring: Benjamin Axeface EP!!!111 Check the [blog] every week for continued cobwebs & musical musings!  We had a great time in California!  See you-

-Mr. Furious