May News: Axeface, Iris Ave, Ventura

NEW MUSIC – Check out Church Photo Directory starring: Benjamin Axeface’s first EP ever, We Have Uh-Oh.  Cory Alan, James, and Annie (and howie) are super-proud of their debut work.  ALSO PEEP – “Disagree” from Iris Avenue on Furious Instance (to your left & pink).  This track was played live at the KDNE “Core FM” radio studios, transmitted across the “inter-net,” captured and mastered by howie and is now available.

With our April/May blitz of Axeface, Robot Creep Closer!, and echoes’ …Lone Wolf complete, we are back in creating-mode.  R,CC! is talking studio time with various Lincoln engineers/producers and at least one local record label.  echoes and Cory are putting finishing touches on the Ventura songs, and will begin recording drums and percussion very very soon at an undisclosed location (and you can preview tiny album artwork in the top-right corner of this page!).  It is rumored that howie is planning 12 Ventura shows in the 12 months following the album’s release.  Bike is mysterious, but probably recording 10,000 new songs for you to hear.

There you have it.  Enjoy the new music and SUMMER’S COMING; SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND STRANGERS!  LOVE!  -Mr. Furious