7:23 PM CST, Wed. Oct. 3 – MR|Mix, formerly known as MR|sampler, is back up and running.  I don’t know how long it was down; you guys didn’t holler or anything!  Email for tech support issues, always feel free.

I also re-named “The Bogaard Kitchen” MR|Kitchen, and do plan to add more recipes.

Lastly, I changed the order of links in the right-hand column, putting MUSIC and the blog at the top.

Update-wise, Matt and I moved all my audio gear to my new place (thanks, Matt!) late last night, and I plan to complete the move on Saturday.  So next week I’ll be able to work hard on music, beginning with mastering Katy’s project, The Combine, and Robot Creep Closer!.  I’ll be bouncing down some things Matt and I did for Joel to listen to.  I’ll be working on rhythm tracks for “Fear Lassie.”  I’ll be tracking a new song, “When Breathing” for Lone Prairie Records’ heaven & hell compilation.  I’ll start on my XMAS track.

And Cory’s coming down in early November to record his songs for SR’s Boots, after which I’ll pick that back up.

Looking forward to putting new jams in your hands, -h