2009 Release Schedule

While every other site, publication, and social media network is looking back at the best of 2008, we’re going to set our sights forward into a mega-exciting 2009. (Maybe we’ll take our turn next week on the new music we’ve discovered this year.) Here’s what’s coming in the new year from Mr. Furious Records, including:

January – The Sleepover, “The Sleepover” EP

February – Arturo Got The Shaft, “Blame It On The Beer” (on “Furious Instance”)

February – The Golden Age, “Calla Lily” EP (re-release)

March – The Golden Age, “LP” *Previously Unreleased*!!!!!1111

May – Sally Ride, “You Have To Wear The Boots” -or- “There is Something and not nothing” -or- a new release by Cory Kibler

July – Something new from Cory or SR, depending on what was released in May

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  1. dood. something just keeps telling me that 2009 is gonna rock. It probably has something to do with mfr. :-D

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