Drive-By Honky and Sally Ride's "There is Something and not nothing" Release Date: October 31

Why not Halloween?

Two years in the making, Sally Ride’s third release* will post at the end of next month.  The album is 99% finished; all that remains are some final mixing tweaks.

We’re also honored to be re-releasing Drive-By Honky’s “Double Live Platinum” EP (which is none of the three adjectives of its title) this Saturday.  DBH is a Lincoln, NE indie institution, and this out-of-print EP is a welcome addition to our Little Label That Could.

Upcoming releases:

  • October 3 – Drive-By Honky, “Double Live Platinum” EP
  • October 31 – Sally Ride, “There is Something and not nothing”
  • December 5 – MFR’s XMAS compilation, featuring Scott Morris’ “Hush Hush” new for 2009
  • January 2 – White Air, “White Air”
  • February 6 – Sally Ride, “Furious Instance” – Two demos from “…not nothing;” “Deft” and “Can U Feel It?”
  • In the works: The Golden Age full-length, Sally Ride’s “You Have To Wear The Boots,” Fifty Bears in a Fight

“There is Something and not nothing” – It’s poppy and a little tough, with some dance influence.  Ten songs.

Matt from Five Star Crush played drums for me, and killed it.  His drums were in my bedroom for most of the two years.

It’s about dancing and struggling with infinity.  I love it dearly and I hope you will, too.  -h

*Third release, but fifth album written.  Recordings of “Ventura” (3) and “You Have To Wear The Boots” (4) are in-progress, with “…Boots” to follow “…not nothing” in 2010.