DS Shows – One More Plus The Details

3 March 2018, Saturday – Dark Satellites at minibar, Kansas City MO, with The Show Is The Rainbow and AKAFDM.  $5, 21+, doors at 9 show at 10.


8 March 2018, Thursday – Dark Satellites at Replay Lounge, Lawrence KS, with Hyperbor and Hidden Planets.  $3, show at 10.

23 April 2018, Monday – Dark Satellites at minibar, Kansas City MO, with Americas (Chico CA) and Antiphony (Santa Rosa, CA)

Cory made us an email list

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We’ll be emailing about just the big stuff, new releases and such.

There is a pop-up reminder, but you should only see it every 30 days.  Please contact me directly or comment if you have concerns about that.  Hate mail can go to:

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Thanks, Cory!

Hack attempt

30 July update: Everything I’m aware of is fixed, plus a fixed some unrelated stuff too. If you notice anything wrong comment or reach out to me directly.  -h

MFR sustained a massive hack attempt last night, and some parts of the site are not functioning correctly.  I hope to have it fixed by tomorrow (Th) night.  -h