FuriousSound Studios

Base rate / 6 per-minute of finished audio (Ex: a 21-minute EP, $126).

Mastering /  It’s the final step between mixdown and publishing.  It’s what makes professional recordings sound rich, full, and loud when compared to a mix.  Mastering at FuriousSound means taking your project through a seven-step process designed to make you sound your best:

  1. Volume levelling – Balancing the relative volume of songs within a project, and sometimes introducing slight increases or decreases to give the project some “flow” or “tension / release.”
  2. Equalization – Creating an EQ curve for your music that brings out highlights and sounds great next to other music.
  3. Multiband Harmonic Enhancement – Introducing slight levels of distortion that are pleasing – “warm,” and “round” – to listen to.  This process can also add some “sparkle” to the high end.
  4. Multiband Stereo Imaging – Widening and/or narrowing the apparent width of the stereo field, which can be used to make a mix “big” or tighten up the low end.
  5. Mastering Reverb – Adding mastering reverb helps put all the instruments in a mix, and all the songs within a project, “in the same room.”  Usually used more for atmosphere than effect.
  6. Multiband Dynamics Processing – This suite of compression/limiting/expansion processors affects balance, attack/”bite,” and decay, and prepares the mix for…
  7. Volume Maximization – Everyone’s favorite; this is where it gets LOUD.  I can easily make you as loud as anyone on the radio, but I aim for making your recording sound its best instead.

I can offer a reduced rate in some situations (live sets, etc.); contact me with the form below describing your project for an adjusted quote.


Weapon of Choice /  Izotope’s Ozone 3.  Read all about mastering in general and Ozone in particular in Izotope’s mastering guide (PDF).  It’s not just about the tools; at FuriousSound you also get my experience as an artist, producer, and mastering engineer.  I tend to like warm, clear, textured sound but am always willing to listen to you express your vision and incorporate your feedback.

Collaboration & Time – What Sets FuriousSound Apart /  First, I include an mp3-proof of a song from your project before it’s finalized.  I’ll send you the file, you can listen and comment back, and I’ll address your comments before finishing the project.  This way, you are sure to be happy with the result.

Also, I work part-time.  Why is that good?  It means your project gets my best attention, when my ears are fresh for 2-3 hours in the morning.  It means I prefer to invest several days on your project, making sure to get the details right and beautiful.  Yes, you can have your album done elsewhere for 99 bucks – before you do, ask yourself how many projects they have to complete every day in order to make that offer.  Railroading music through the all-important mastering process doesn’t help your sound.  As my client, I will take personal care of you and your project.

The Next Step /  If you’re ready to go, or just want to ask a question, send me an email – h (at) mrfuri0u5r3c0rd5.com (spell it out!) – we’ll make final arrangements and get started!

Submission /  If you’re in the mixing stage, don’t hesitate to email or mail me a mix for free evaluation & comment before you finish!  I may hear something that is easy to fix or improve while mixing and will help your project sound better in the end.

Mixes should:

  • Have 3-10 dB of headroom
  • NOT have any reverb/compression/limiting effects on the master fader
  • Be burned at the slowest speed available
  • Be submitted in duplicate – it’s amazing how often one copy is a bad burn

File type:

  1. 24-bit/48 kHz .WAV or .AIFF
  2. 16-bit/44.1 kHz .WAV or .AIFF
  3. CD-Audio ( .CDA – 16-bit/44.1 kHz )
  4. Other ( email about it )

Client list /