New Beach-Puppy Tracks on "Furious Instance"

Mr. Furious Records posted two (2) new Beach-Puppy tracks to the emerging Furious Instance compilation today. There’s a brand-new song, “Try Harder Or Not At All,” and an alternate version of “There’s Something To Be Said” from Creepy Eepy, with different lyrics and a sweet ending.

Download them from the ever-present Furious Instance (to your left – PINK!).

Mr. Furious Records; Rock Harder (or Not At All)

MFR BL/R-ock Party Saturday

Mr. Furious wants YOU!!!111

to enjoy a night of music at howie’s house in Crete. THIS Saturday night, be there or be [].

Sets from:
12:00 Fence
and Shacker

Saturday, July 16 – 7:00 pm until the music stops
The Howards’ back yard (Mapquest map here)
709 Linden Ave.
Crete, NE

Bring lawn chairs, bring friends.

-Mr. Furious

"One Stereo" + "Autumn" Available

A surge in interest in pop-rocking Shacker songs has led to today’s re-posting of “One Stereo” from Knowing Her Best, Blackbeard Defends the Open Sea and the acoustic version of “Autumn” from The Dimly Lit Room. Welcome to first-time Mr. Furious users, and happy downloading.

The first cases of Furious Instance have been retired to make space for the Shacker material. The servers do not hold all of our full releases simultaneously; as always, you can request any particular song to be posted by email; mr (at)

Coming Soon: two new Furious Instance from Beach-Puppy, Nebraska Verses, and 1.5 releases from Bike! Still Coming After: Sally Ride, echoes Be A Ska Rat.

Beach-Puppy Performance Saturday

Our own BEACH-PUPPY will perform this coming Saturday with BLANE*. Beach-Puppy will be playing songs; songs he wrote; songs such as “Nature vs. Nurture,” “Rose-Colored Glasses,” and perhaps “Taking A Break” from the Kerouac-covered Creepy Eepy.

Beach-Puppy and BLANE
Saturday, June 18th – 8:00 pm sharp.
Meadowlark Coffeehouse – NW corner of 17th & South streets (next to Open Harvest and Burger Lord) (is there any food-corner in the city of Lincoln more incongruous??? -ed.).
Lincoln, Nebraska

*BLANE is Brandon McKenzie from Strawberry Burns and The Golden Age.

See you… AT THE SHOW!

MIX-MSP Released on MFR [blog]

MIX-MSP, a downloadable “mixtape”/playlist, was released today on the Mr. Furious [blog]. Punk, Rock, and How is a compilation of great rock songs by Minneapolis-St. Paul local musicians. All of the music is free and legal to download, burn, and share. Mr. Furious has carefully assembled, selected, and sequenced the absolute finest in Twin Cities rock ‘n roll for your listening pleasure.

And that’s not all – a second “mixtape”/playlist, Beats, Pop, and Why arrives next Wednesday (8th) with a big shot of hip-hop, hooks, and other unclassifiable sorts of music happening in and around MSP!

Coming Soon: new Furious Instance, Coming After: Sally Ride.

Gilmo's "Points of Parallax" Released

Mr. Furious Records is proud to present Points of Parallax, the first-ever recording by free-jazz duo GILMO. Scott Morris (howie&scott) and Allen Gilbert (“Gilby”) have done themselves, and us, proud with naught but a saxophone, drums, and the spur of the moment. Entirely improvised, Points of Parallax brings a new sound to MFR and, after many trips through the music, we like it more and more.

In the process of updating for GILMO, some of the artwork changed. Who knew? Enjoy.

In related news, today marks the re-launch of The site compiles stories, images, and info about h&s shows and recordings. The collaboration/brotherhood is resting at the present, with howie in Minnesota being echoes and Scott in Nebraska being GILMO; you can hear, however, from nickel and Points of Parallax that the musical journey continues – the future is rich with possibilities.

Bike's "Great Distances," h&s' "Bon Jovi," and Site Design

First, the music – Today’s Mr. Furious update includes a brand-new bonus track for Bike’s How Is That Possible, “Great Distances.” Thanks Nate for a great addition to an album we love; Bike continues to be available in full for downloading, so rock that.

Furious Instance #2 is a re-mixed, re-mastered “Was I In Bon Jovi For A Second There” from howie&scott. Did you think that howie and Scott were off-beat, creative, rocking guys with a penchant for self-questioning? You were right!

In addition to the new jams, MFR has made an update to the structure of the website! is more browser-friendly than ever with our new look. Not a drastic change, but a significant improvement. Check out the Furious Instance’s permanent spot on the left side of the page, new navigation on the right, and a bigger and better-exploding main frame in the center of the page. Netscape friends & other non-IE users will like the new layout we think.

Mr. Furious Records: Giving Great Music into spring, and beyond (next up: Sally Ride!). -Mr. Furious

Gilby's "Lunch By Yourself" on Furious Instance

Yesterday’s update included a broken link to Gilby’s “Lunch By Yourself” – the link is fixed now, so GO. DOWNLOAD. IT. (it’s to your left!). Many, many thanks to (in order of email): Nick, Allen, and JT for catching the break and emailing MFR about it. Sending FuriousMail now…

In other news, over 120 mb of BEACH-PUPPY served yesterday! Congratulations, Cory Kibler.

Beach-Puppy to Universe; "Creepy Eepy Available… NOW!"

Mr. Furious Records has released Beach-Puppy’s first recording, Creepy Eepy, today at Download it from the m u s i c page. Beach-Puppy is Cory Kibler from Shacker writing pretty, folky songs.

As if Beach-Puppy wasn’t enough, today we launch the FURIOUS INSTANCE. The Furious Instance is an ongoing collection of songs from artists both inside and outside of MFR. Al Puff Gilbert (“Gilby”) starts the madness with “Lunch By Yourself,” a punk-rock tale of noontime lonliness and hope for its eventual defeat. On the Mr. Furious [blog] is a post from Gilby about the track – and ounces + ounces of cobwebs on music in the archives.

Printable PDF artwork for Beach-Puppy is on the way in coming weeks, as well as “Great Distances” – Bike’s new *bonus track* for How Is That Possible – the second Furious Instance track (howie&scott) and new echoes material. Killer!

Shacker Makes 2004 Best-of List

One of Shacker’s records (either Knowing Her Best… or The Dimly Lit Room or (though unlikely) Pardon My Pretension…) has received an Honorable Mention on Transit Librarian‘s end-of-year best music of 2004 list. Congratulations, fellows!

Full disclosure: the Transit Librarian is a friend of howie’s. But we still think Shacker earned their spot among artists as diverse as Franz Ferdinand, Air, Wilco, and A.C. Newman.