Gilmo's "Points of Parallax" Released

Mr. Furious Records is proud to present Points of Parallax, the first-ever recording by free-jazz duo GILMO. Scott Morris (howie&scott) and Allen Gilbert (“Gilby”) have done themselves, and us, proud with naught but a saxophone, drums, and the spur of the moment. Entirely improvised, Points of Parallax brings a new sound to MFR and, after many trips through the music, we like it more and more.

In the process of updating for GILMO, some of the artwork changed. Who knew? Enjoy.

In related news, today marks the re-launch of The site compiles stories, images, and info about h&s shows and recordings. The collaboration/brotherhood is resting at the present, with howie in Minnesota being echoes and Scott in Nebraska being GILMO; you can hear, however, from nickel and Points of Parallax that the musical journey continues – the future is rich with possibilities.