The local music scene in the Twin Cities is infinitely worth sharing with you; MFR listeners and [blog] readers. What better way than with a mixtape?

Enter MIX-MSP, a digital playlist/”mixtape” of links to free, legal mp3s from bands in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Carefully selected, impeccably sequenced, this compilation of Minnesota music might become your new favorite summer soundtrack. The first edition, Punk, Rock, and How covers the rockist angle with plenty of electric guitars, from The Tin Horns’ funky stomp & swagger to Soviettes’ grrl-punk to Kid Dakota’s sparse balladry. Olympic Hopefuls and The Plastic Constellations are essential listening for everybody… don’t miss a track! Download the whole mix!

Just like the music on Mr. Furious Records, right-click + “save target as” to download the songs. Next Tuesday, next edition of MIX-MSP; Beats, Pop, and Why!

(“MSP” refers to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul)

Links verified 1/September/05

1. “Ballad of Nonsenso” / The Tin Horns, from The Champions of Victory. myspace.com/tinhorns.

2. “Blue Stars” / The Soviettes, from LP. www.thesoviettes.net.

3. “Davico” / The Plastic Constellations, from Mazatlan. theplasticconstellations.com.

4. “Holiday” / Olympic Hopefuls, from The Fuses Refuse To Burn. www.olympichopefulsmusic.com.

5. “Motobike” / Olympic Hopefuls, from The Fuses Refuse To Burn. www.olympichopefulsmusic.com.

6. “Road Kill” / The Bleeding Hickeys, from Lovers and Haters, Unite! www.bleedinghickeys.com.

7. “New Infection” / The Melismatics, from New Infection. www.melismatics.com.

8. “Surprise, Surprise” / Landing Gear, from Break-Up Songs For Relationships That Never Happened. www.landinggearmusic.com.

9. “Aries” / Die Electric!, from Push Pull. www.dieelectric.com.

10. “Where We Shine” / The Cardinal Sin, from Oil and Water. thecardinalsin.com.

11. “Winterkill” / Kid Dakota, from The West Is The Future. www.kiddakota.com.

12. “Twister Party Fails To Get Dirty” / Chariots, from Congratulations. www.chariots-music.com.

13. “Bed of Stars” / Dallas Orbiter, from Magnesium Fireflies. www.dallasorbiter.com.