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Robot, Creep Closer!’s new EP Why Aren’t People’s Heads Exploding? was released yesterday – download four songs of slurred, riffy bar-metal from Lincoln’s leading purveyors of anthropomorphized computers today!

mrfuriousrecords.com has been through a slight technical/aesthetic upgrade this morning relating to the navigation links to your right in the sidebar, and the background “album covers” image.  The changes are aimed at make the site a bit cleaner – enjoy.

After four attempts at sending a message through the email list yesterday and today, FuriousMail seems mysteriously down.  Hopefully no one misses R,CC!’s EP or their show Saturday night at Duffy’s for Scenefest because of the problem.  Our analysts will continue working on it.

One last bit, Cory Alan and I have been listening to a nearly-finished disc of Ventura demos, and the tracklist is below.  I am itching to start tracking percussion, as soon as I decide what location I can use.  We’re about 99.4% sure this is what the album will be:

1. Large’s Garden State
2. Coast & Plains
3. While I Was Moving About Flyover Country
4. You Do What You Want
5. Car Chase
6. Lee’s Summit
7. Were In Love
8. Market Stress
9. I Want To Know
10. Make Our Sound
11. E. Harbor Blvd.
Speed Lab (Furious Instance exclusive)

I’ll be playing “Make Our Sound” for the first time at St. Peter’s on Sunday with Stillsinging, if you’re in the neighborhood.  -h


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