howie&scott, Sally Ride News

Word from Furious Sound studios is that Murder Ballad mastering for the upcoming Lone Prairie Records compilation (featuring Cory and howie!) is going strong and should be done in a week or so.

howie&scott recorded their five sets with various iterations of the Plattsmouth Middle School band last Friday, and will be releasing Summer’s End in October.  The band is in the process of going through the material and selecting cuts for the EP/album.  Early frontrunners include “New Title (berlin),” “Tired Chords,” “Houston,” and “E Morning.”

Cory Kibler is on-board with Sally Ride’s in-progress It’s A Trap, and tracking will begin at an undisclosed location when murder ballads and h&s are finished.

Hopefully, we can do all that before XMAS.  Then Ventura.  Looks like a busy school year for all of us.  Stay tuned – thanks for listening!  -h