echoes name tweak

I stumbled upon echoes on myspace. Bet you didn’t think I was an aging nu-metalhead from San Jose, did you?!

That said, they’ve got a prior claim, and while I don’t expect either echoes to get big enough to step on each other’s toes I can’t sleep until my house is in order. Here is a list of what Cory and I have come up with so far. Please comment & make your suggestions.

echoes (kc)
ech00000000es MOTHERF*CKER!
ECHOES (echoes)
echoes (midwest)
(flyover) echoes
echoes (h)
iron echoes (or other adjective)

10 thoughts on “echoes name tweak”

  1. listening to; real echoes. :-) heh.

    i’m favoring echoes -h right now because it’s simple, it incorporates something i already do (sign emails “-h”), and it’s essentially unpronounceable. we’d still say “echoes.”

    i have some other good ideas for completely NEW band names, but don’t want to break with what i’ve done so far as “echoes” or deal with the subsequent confusion.


    -h (see?)


    I like Echoes -H too. Or -h. However!

    Let’s have fun in each other’s houses!


  3. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to think of something already established as anything else. It’s like if someone were to tell me Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore.

    I suppose, in that sense, I’d best support echoes-h, or something entirely different. Actually, I think I’d best like a clean break altogether. You could always pull a Linkin Park and start going by nickel.

    But, it’s your call, since it is your music…

  4. JT, you’ve got a good out-of-the-box idea… “nickel.” “Ska Rat.”

    Do you think people would be tempted to pronounce the “-h”?? Katy was, and it was funny… but I don’t want that happening for real. Thoughts?

    “bronze echoes”
    “tape echoes”

  5. I thought the “-h” was pronounced also. so i think it’s a possibility people could be confused by that.

    i was a fan of nickel but i assume other bands have already taken that title. ska rat is good though. i like it.


  6. I thought people might be encouraged to pronounce the “-h”, which would sound really awkward. If you’re concerned about people pronoucing it wrong, just reference The Oneders from the movie “That Thing You Do.”

    You could always hit the thesaurus. My favorite out of the search was “parallels,” but I suppose it really depends on which itieration of echoes you were intending to reflect.

    I still like nickel the best…

  7. “Tape echoes”

    that’s been in my head all day yesterday and today.

    …writing from Plattsmouth middle school!!!1111…

    with the possibility of, at JT’s suggestion, eventually becoming simply “Tape.”

    “Hi. I’m Tape. I’m going to play some songs from my album Ventura…”

    “Hey Cleveland, we’re Tape – Cory Kibler on guitar, ScoMo on drums…”

    is that lame? -h

  8. yeah, i worried a little about the tapes n’ tapes connection… but it’s different enough, and kind of a tribute to them and minneapolis in general (not in a way that anyone would parse, of course…).

    …just realized that “Tape Echoes” is a statement – echoes is still in verb form. “Did you know that TAPE ECHOES?” / “Why, no, I did not!” that makes me like it more.

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