Hey Indie Kids

New site design!  What do you think?

I’ve been planning this update for a couple months.  Got up this morning and realized I had a huge chunk of day to put towards it, so I did, expecting to get a solid start and move back to the previous design when I was done working.  But it’s gone fast – I’m not finished, but I’m going to leave the new look up and just run with it.

I think the content is organized better (music on the left, body in the middle, navigation on the right) and I really like highlighting our newest album on every page.  It screams “Download this puppy, you really need to hear it!” (to me, at least).

Next post next week; I hope to have h&s’ Summer’s End EP up!

Listening to: jazz, Probot, Kara’s Flowers, Tangelo.  -h

3 thoughts on “Hey Indie Kids”

  1. Dude! I was listening to Kara’s Flowers yesterday!

    “To Her With Love” is soooo awesome! Maroon 5 should cover it!

    I promise I’ll write soon, too. I’m a b-hole.

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