A Bad Feeling About This

Cory and I recorded his parts for Sally Ride today.  It was rad.  We moved FuriousSound over to Jody’s attic (aka Where The Barbies Live) this morning, ran his guitars, then his vocals, then figured out what the hell to do with “Cause 2 B Uneasy.”  Cory’s ideas were amazing and added different colors to the songs.  It’s a rowdy, gnarly mess and we’re super stoked about it.  Serious mixing will begin after Thanksgiving and I expect it to go pretty quickly; we’ll have this puppy out before Christmas, I promise (and mean it).

This is the first time ever we’ve completed a recording project (meaning just Cory’s parts) is less time than planned – we’d figured on working tomorrow afternoon, but will be at Waldo Pizza instead. 

Off to the Hurricane for 5*C late show TONIGHT (one hour, about). -h


This is Cory please help.  Howie (“Master”) made me play “musik” all day and I only have so much time and please send help.  My fingers are all bloody and ruining his computer. 

Seriously though, I really need the police to come to arrest us FOR MURDER BECAUSE WE MURDERED THE CRAP OUTTA THEM TRAXXXX.  I will say that the mixes right now are out of control, but in a good way.  I mean, some of the crazy stuff will get toned down and maybe smoothed out a little bit but not too much because my fingers fell off.

All for now!

Forehead Typingly Yours,

Cory Alan