MFR 2k7

I realize that It’s A Trap is just beginning to percolate through your collective consciousnes, as you get around to streaming/downloading/sharing it post-holidays.  But since it’s been out for two weeks! or something now, we’re already thinking about what we’ll be working on in the coming year.

Tape / echoes’ “Hiplife” project is an album of Africa-inspired music, the ideas for which I wrote while travelling there.  It will be half pop, coming from the local “hiplife” hybrid of highlife and hip-hop styles, and half drum rhythms as my response to the traditional music of the Ewe people.  I may start on this right away; I need the participation of several friends who may be moving in May.

Cory Kibler is working on a Cory Kibler full-length.  !!!

There will be a third Sally Ride project of frontier, cowboy-ish songs.  Seriously.  Still no drummer.

Over the Christmas break I jammed with Scott and Allen Gilbert for fun; hopefully GiLMO and Gilby tracks will result in one form or another.

I’m already doing demos and arranging songs for Fifty Bears in a Fight, my blues/metal/punk side project with 5*Matt.  We need a singer who can wail, and possibly some kind of lead instrument (lap steel, harmonica, guitar, organ…  hell, maybe even sax with wacky effects – we’ll know it when we hear it).

Ventura and my re-recording of signs are still happening.  I just don’t know when.  5*C has been my top musical priority for some time, and I’ve made a full committment of my energy to that endeavor through 2007.

So that’s what our new year might look like.  And if I run out of things to do, I’ll surely take the acoustic out to some open-mics and coffeeshops.  All our best, Mr. Furious