MR sampler, Images, Artists Page

All of the above have been updated this week.  Check out MR | sampler first – click the link over to your right.  Because who was downloading our semi-official mixtape, now nineteen tracks strong as an introduction to MFR?!  Preposterous.  Stream that instead, and hone in on the albums you’re likely to like.

I have been meaning to change the “Images” page to a blog category for awhile, and just did it.  All the same stuff is there, but it should make me more likely to do more in the future.  I should make us a Photobucket account or something too, move them all there.

Also updated the “Artists” page.  Needed it.

If it’s been awhile, or if you haven’t gotten around to hearing some of the old stuff, really check out MR | sampler, it’s fun.  -h