The Week In Music

Great 5*C show last night at the Hurricane, thanks everyone.  We opened for Rattle & Hum, which was an excellent fit for us and the lads put on a hell of a rock show.  I was impressed with the selections from Achtung Baby especially.  It’s a compliment to those guys when I say I had my eyes closed for the second set.

A big chunk of the week was devoted to practice, getting a good set together.  We played eight songs, no cover, meaning two more than New Year’s in only our second show without ERock: Cali Blues, Silver-Yellow Girl, Black Machines, Ms. Trouble, Transient, Collaborate, Under Spinning Lights, “Love.”


Cory and I started talking about recording dates for his full-length.


I talked to 5*Danny about doing an EP with me after the band finds a replacement bassist or his firstborn arrives.  He agreed; my plan is a Tape/echoes EP called Rogue Demon Hunter, and it will be a collection of various not-acoustic songs that haven’t been released and hopefully some collaborations with Danny.  This is long-term.


I need your feedback on this; I have been meaning for a long time to start a blog for my recipes.  I don’t like to measure or time things in the kitchen, and I do like bold flavors, eating fairly healthy food, and cooking for my friends.  The problem is that I’m writing for six websites already and nobody reads them all.  So, I made a first post in a new category here at MFR, “The Bogaard Kitchen.”  You have to eat to play music, right?

Anyway, holler if you think it doesn’t fit or is distracting from the ROCK.  -h