Well, I re-routed everything

Wednesday night.  So all the recording of …Boots I did over the weekend and Monday became glorified practice.

Reason: tracks 3 and 4 of my 4-track barely record.  It’s too late to return it.  However, track 3 used to work a couple months ago when 5*C was doing demos for Red.  So hopefully, it’s correctable.  Step one is probably to clean the heads, though they shouldn’t be dirty.  Step two is to call the guy who fixed the headphone knob on my Digi001 last year.

So now, I’m using the 4-track as a mixer, and the cheap solid-state electronics have their own charm.  I’m going to try fingerpicking everything on the electric guitar, and then do additional picked or acoustic takes for any songs that aren’t working at that point.  Being in Mexico the 13-20th will interrupt (“delay” may be a better term) things.  Cory may come down on the 23rd to do his three songs.  Hmm.  I didn’t think about his overdubs until just now.  We’ll talk.

This setup has me thinking about vintage mixing consoles.  Given my tastes, something in that department might be a really good piece of gear for my studio.

In other news, MFR has been party to an exciting conversation this week about the possibilities for releasing a project by an established Lincoln artist.  This musician was the main force behind my favorite record from that scene (well, tied with You Make Your Own Self Fall, but that’s for entirely different reasons).  I’m super-pumped and hope I’ll be able to share details soon.  -h