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I spent three hours making some space on my HD and installing Firefox (late the the party, I know) in order to participate in today’s LiveEarth concerts, and the video is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

But I also installed one of those awesome spiral-efficient lightbulbs, and know I need to find a reliable org than I can pay to offset my 16 tons of atmospheric carbon-generation for 2007.


I think I’ll call my vocal/electric base tracks for …Boots complete. There are wrinkles in two songs I wish I could iron out, but the emotion is there, and that’s the point of recording the project live.

This thing unfolds at a slightly different speed, kids, so just know. In a way, some of the marks of my howie&scott / signs material – expressive guitar figures iterating for a couple minutes at a time, permutating melodies, long phrases that force simple song structures past the 4 1/2-minute mark – have resurfaced, which is interesting. I only began to notice that as I started listening back to the recordings.

After Cory’s base tracks are down I’m moving all the gear to 5*Matt’s house, where we intend to begin a massive demo-ing project incorporating the electronic drum kit and some edgier guitar sounds. I’m afraid of diminishing our warm, American, organic side too much but there is also some promise in this direction, for Joel especially. I’m excited because nothing is set in stone; we just need to explore this territory for ourselves.

Listening to: Soundgarden Louder Than Love, Joe Henry Fuse, Koufax Social Life, and System of a Down Toxicity.