Congratulations, Until-We-Meet-Again, and a Timeline

Congratulations, Cory and Lara, whose marriage we celebrate today. I’m very happy I get to play the music at the ceremony, and that it includes some Elliott Smith.

5*C played our last show for the forseeable future Thursday night in Lawrence at the Replay Lounge. Thank you, friends who came out in person and in spirit. This is a very real ending; yet it is not final. Does that parse? I don’t have words for this. I will miss Joel and the regular opportunitty to perform. There will be a pilot light for this band burning in me, ready to leap into flame when the possibility presents itself.

MFR will release Katherine Lindhart’s “The Humble Antiphon,” a collection of nine art songs by Clara Schumann and Claude Debussy from her two Masters’ recitals, as soon as possible this week. Robot, Creep Closer!’s 4-song farewell EP will follow it by precisely four weeks, and then the 2007 version of XMAS in another four.

I am very excited for Katy’s project; I’ve been listening to it this weekend not for the technical bits of the end of the mastering process, but for simple pleasure. It’s a very different sound for MFR, but I strongly feel that it belongs here and I’ll be honored to bring it to you. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. -h