MR|link and Project Update

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“There is Something and not nothing” – Matt and I are listening to a new disc that includes six of his actual drum tracks, and they sound pretty great.  Lots of tweaking to do, but still, it’s fun to hear the songs so close to completion – several of them have graduated to the “mixing” stage.  We’re trying to find a time for him to come over and record the remaining four songs.

Fifty Bears in a Fight – Tim is coming down from Lincoln for three days of practice next weekend.  We hope the outcome is that we’ll feel confident playing an eight-song set, and can start scheduling SHOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111
Five Star Crush – A practice session geared toward new songs is scheduled for Monday night.  We have three shows coming up in July/August.

“Ventura” – I didn’t tell you guys, but several weeks ago I wrote the last song to the long-anticipated (by me, at least) Sally Ride “Ventura” album, called “Green Christine.”  It was pretty weird to write the last song to a record two years after the other nine, but there you have it.  It has a pseudo-Latin vibe, and tells the story of a crazy date I had in high school.

Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche gave me an idea to re-vamp my drum set using an upright floor tom as a kick drum (with a reversed kick pedal), which I’m excited about using for “Ventura.”  I fully expect to start recording the album…  after “not nothing,” “You Have To Wear The Boots,” and anything Cory comes up with ;-) between now and then.

Ramblerambleramble…  I know, less talk, more new music.  OK, you convinced me; I’m headed upstairs to work on “not nothing” mixes.  LOVE! -h