Counting Down to 11/23

On November 23 a long-delayed, over budget, highly anticipated, epic album from a reclusive, eccentric rock star will finally be released to the world.

That album is “A Life Without Fireflies” by Arturo Got The Shaft, and Mr. Furious Records will release it for free to download, stream, trade, burn, and share at midnight on 11/23 as a punk rock middle finger to Axl Rose, “Chinese Democracy,” and the culture of commercialism, trivia, and decadence they represent.


1. Prologue / Silent Sparkle

2. Pants and Backpacks

3. Only Way She Knows How

4. Open Eyes

5. I Love You Too

6. Something Transcendent

7. Imagine Nations

8. Still a Princess

9. Like a Dreamer
10. Hey! Gordon Shumway

In addition Rob and howie are working on a new recording of “25d” for the 2008 release of “XMAS,” and bonus track “Blame it on the Beer” will appear soon on “Furious Instance.”