"Cooky" Single, Streaming, Etc.

I’m going to post “Cooky” and “Lost” to Furious Instance in just a minute. They were recorded here at home on Wednesday morning, live takes, one mic – just straight performances.

In the course of doing this I discovered that archive.org has changed the way they stream netlabels’ material, and that’s going to effect every one of our releases. They don’t support the Flash pop-ups I was using; their only Flash option is the single bar with no playlist that you now see on Furious Instance. I’ll be going back and editing all of our releases as soon as I can.

After a quiet year, I’m hoping for a November release, then XMAS, then something new for January. Fingers crossed. 2009 should bring two new full-lengths from Sally Ride, “You Have To Wear The Boots” and “There is Something and not nothing.” -h

UPDATE: Well, the two tracks are up for downloading and streaming.  I’m kind of frustrated with the site and with the Internet Archive, and I haven’t updated the MySpace, but I probably need to walk away from this for a while.  I’m pumped about the songs, especially “Cooky,” so enjoy those and I’ll circle back around to this later.  I know the site needs some love but today may not be the day for it.  50B practice tonight.  L8rz, -h