U2 Live on Letterman

I haven’t assembled my thoughts on “No Line On The Horizon” yet, but I did record the audio from U2’s week-long stint on The Late Show with David Letterman these past five days.  They played:

Monday – “Breathe”

Tuesday – “Magnificent”

Wednesday – “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”

Thursday – “Beautiful Day”

Friday – “Get On Your Boots”

Anyone who would like a link to all five mp3s can leave their email address in the comments (Example: howie (at) theinternet (dot) come – this format will help prevent robots from picking up and spamming your addy); I’ll email out a .ZIP via YouSendIt a week from today.  They are 192 kb; I recorded the audio (sadly) not from cable TV but from the digital broadcast signal, so they’re not the cleanest ever, but if you’re either 1) a U2 fan or 2) interested enough to request the files, you won’t care.  They sound alright.

Mostly, I’m always interested to hear how the band performs the songs live, without all the studio overdubbing and mixing tricks they have increasingly relied on.  I tend to like the live arrangements better. -h